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As a Nylangan woman, you’re a part of our family, comprising of strong willed and self-aware women.
The current Covid- times we are living in, is a shared crises and we have to be certain that we will beat this pandemic and emerge as stronger beings together. Hope and Belief keeps us going at all times.

At Nylangan, we are closely monitoring the situation and responding to the rapid changes every day. As additional concerns arise, we are taking additional steps as a brand to ensure we prevent further exposure and react quickly.
Our decisions are made in accordance with health organizations and government authorities, and are driven by our brand’s mission to meet you where you are and maintain the safety of our brand family, as we all look forward to a healthy, confident future together.

Hence we wanted to quell any doubts regarding your safety, by elaborating on the precautionary measures we are adhereing to, to ensure the well being of you- our patrons, our loved ones and our work family.

Our Home Office:
To minimize the risk of exposure, we have decided to temporarily close our head office to employees, and urged them to stay indoors.
We have moved to work-from-home and digital collaboration alternatives, to minimize in-person meetings whenever possible.

Our Online Experience:
We have temporarily shut down our warehouses to put additional sanitary measures in place.
We will be offering flexible return dates as our online store reopens—extending our return policy to cover the lockdown period.

As we write this today, we want to emphasize the importance of being safe during this global pandemic, and to also offer a sense of unwavering optimism for the future.
How we each respond at a time like this is a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. At Nylangan, we will continue to put you first and offer complete transparency, because we’re all in this together.

Be safe, Be well.
Team Nylangan.