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“A piece of art. A wisp of cloud.
The charm of a woman..”

This is us, Nylangan.
And here’s our story.

Nyl (/niːl/) derived from ‘Neel’ and ‘Angan’ which stands for a courtyard, combine to form Nylangan; for the love of indigo.

Nylangan, is the place where the calm comfort of fine-spun fabrics and the aesthetics of contemporary art come together.

Founded on the belief that fashion needs to be personal, Nylangan offers artisanal clothing that is timeless, effortless and beyond seasons.

All our collections are created to tell stories; of the craft, of the artist and of the individual who wears Nylangan.

Our Design

Our designs embody all this and much more. With intricate detailing, understated patterns and cuts, each piece is effortless to wear.

Our garment silhouettes are put together by a team of highly-skilled seamsters and pattern masters, to lend a flawless contour to each garment. Soft fluid fabrics that have incredible drapes to complement different body types and crisp cottons are used to craft elegant and structured looks. A lot of effort is put into garment construction and developing the fabric through different wash techniques to ensure stunning quality.

Designed and developed by a team of passionate non-conformists, Nylangan is a brand defined as much by its creators as its customers.

The Nylangan Woman

Transcending all age and generational boundaries, the Nylangan woman is well read, intelligent and independent. Her sense of individuality and an unwavering self-assurance in her abilities, make her stand apart.

An avid believer in honesty and authenticity, she seeks fashion that can be truly hers. She stays away from impulsive buying, and sets her own trends. Her wardrobe is carefully curated to fit pieces she loves and cares for. Comfort in whatever she wears is of utmost importance, but she never compromises on style.

She is
Soulful – An explorer
Individualistic – A creator
Sophisticated – A Leader